Our Ongoing Fundraisers

Help our girls attend their activities by having access to transportation!

VEA, Young Girls of Color Leaders: Help our girls get ahead in life, explore new horizons, and participate in all of their activities by having access to good transportation.

Most of the participants in our program often have difficulties participating in any type of activity due to the fact that their parents or relatives work long hours or do not have a car to transport them. We are often taking our own cars to transport the girls to the events, and in most cases, there is not enough room in the cars for all of them.

Transportation is a big issue for our community. We would like to raise funds to get a van that holds up to 13 passengers. That would save time, energy, and resources.

Support a Latina girl achieve her dream to access education!

We are recruiting girls and young women 9-24 years old to join Young Girls of Color Leaders Voces en Acción/Voices in Action, (VEA).

Your contribution will provide opportunities specifically for Latina/Latinx, African American, Native, Indigenous, and Afro-Latina girls, as well as girls at the border of the community. The program will provide empowerment and leadership opportunities for girls of color to:

  • Connect with one another,
  • Explore their voices through artistic expressions, such as music, painting, dance, photography, cuisine, and creative writing, and
  • Develop the skills needed to mentor and support other girls and young women of color in their communities.

They will also learn about the entrance to college and opportunities for scholarships.

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