Empowering Individuals Through Education

All classes are taught by instructors that have been trained by a certified trainer and are knowledgeable in the English language. All materials used in the classes were developed by Ph.D Arcea Zapata de Aston and are protected by © Copyright. Class are taught in the fall and spring. See the Events page for dates, time, and location of classes.

Beginning ESL Classes

The beginning ESL Class is for people with little to no knowledge of the English language. The student will learn how to ask simple questions, answer simple questions, fill out forms, and talk to their children's teacher

Intermediate ESL Classes

The intermediate ESL Class is for people with some knowledge of the English language. This class will expand on the English knowledge the student already has and give them the knowledge and tools to communicate with English speakers.

Advanced ESL Classes

Advanced ESL classes cannot be taught in a group setting and require individual classes. A such, these classes are beyond the scope of what EDUCA can offer. If you wish to have advanced ESL training, please contact your instructor, who will put you in contact with a person who can help you.

All classes are taught  by instructors knowledgeable in English and they are experienced teaching language courses.
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