Empowering Individuals Through Education

EDUCA has partnered with with the Scholastic Chess Club of Evansville to bring the game of chess to the Latinos of Evansville and the surrounding community. The Scholastic Chess Club of Evansville is a US Chess Federation-affiliated chess club that is designed for players age 5-18. The club focuses on teaching junior chess players at the club meetings but adults are welcome to observe. They are a public charity, non-profit corporation and the purpose of the club is educational, to help develop chess as an art among scholastic players for the purposes of recreation and to enhance social welfare in the community.  The main emphasis of the club is to focus on improvement, sportsmanship, and honor intrinsic to the game of chess. Players of all experience levels are welcome from any school, public or private, in the tri-state area of Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois.

Evansville Chess Club meets at McDonald's Restaurant at Washington Ave and Hwy 41S. Tuesday evenings 6-9pm. Casual play, instruction and US Chess Federation rated tournaments are held every other month. Players of all ages are welcome. Please visit the Evansville Chess website for additional information.

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